Fit Never Tasted So Good
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Meal Plan

Our delicious meal plan service is designed to promote a lean body composition, boost immunity, promote weight management, provide an array of vital antioxidants, boost energy and improve your overall health. Many people on our program have not only lost weight, but have gotten off medications for diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol, dramatically improving their health. Our meal plan program was created by a Registered Dietitian who has an expert understanding of the science behind food and nutrition. With the Fit Fresh Meal Plan you can reach your goals AND enjoy delicious food!

Sample Menu

BREAKFAST: carrot walnut pancakes w/ vanilla yogurt, strawberries & roasted walnuts
LUNCH: Asian chicken salad w/ napa cabbage, purple cabbage, carrots, scallions, mandarin oranges, fresh pineapple, fresh cilantro and homemade Asian dressing
DINNER: lemon garlic shrimp w/ roasted zucchini, whole wheat orzo and fresh basil


Maintaining a healthy weight and fit body requires a sound but flexible caloric intake.  Our Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Meal Plan caloric intake levels that range from 1,200 – 2,000 calories per day.  This allows some individuals that prefer not to snack to achieve maximum weight loss while obtaining the nutrition necessary for a healthy body, while others that prefer greater caloric intake can add in snacks from our approved snack list.

Picking Up Meals

Meal Plans are picked up on Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 6am and 7pm.  Due to our use of the freshest ingredients, we cannot ensure freshness longer than two days.  Therefore, we will hold onto meals for the duration of one day post a designated pick up.