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Healthy & Ready Meals.


At Fit Fresh we believe that living well means eating well. Our dietitian designed meal plans are always fresh and we proudly source our ingredients from local farmers.

How it Works

Enjoying delicious, nutritionally balanced meals is the absolute BEST way to improve your health.

select a meal plan

Our meals are healthy, and full of flavor.

delivery or pick-up

Select home delivery or pick up.

heat and enjoy

No meal planning or cooking is required. 

The Fit Fresh Difference

Healthy & Nutritious

Enjoying delicious, nutritionally balanced meals is the absolute BEST way to improve your health. We use only the finest ingredients and emphasize local and organic produce, all natural proteins and our perfect plates are FREE of added hormones, antibiotics, fillers, and transfats. All of our salad dressings, sauces, baked goods, and soups are made from scratch.

While national companies are forced to divert resources into shipping, we are a local company which allows us to focus our energy on providing high quality meals made with local ingredients.  Our local delivery means we cook from scratch in tasty small batches rather than use processed ingredients made to ship. 

Meal Plan

Our delicious meal plan service is designed to promote a lean body composition, boost immunity, promote weight management, provide an array of vital antioxidants, boost energy, and improve your overall health.


Our cleanse uses real food, spices and synergistic combinations that are known to have specific health benefits. It helps to improve energy, level hormones, cleanse your body, curb cravings, and banish bloat.

Keto Plan

Our Keto plan provides a healthy approach to the keto diet with heart healthy fats, loads of fresh produce, and high-quality, antibiotic & hormone free proteins.


Meal plans initiate on Mondays and they complete on either Friday or a Sunday depending on whether you have signed up for a 5 or 7 day meal plan.

Meal Plan and Cleanse pick up is available at the following locations:


8066 Watts Rd
(608) 841-2233


2920 Hardrock Rd, Fitchburg, WI 53719
(608) 441-7000

1726 Eagan Rd
(608) 241-2639

Reservations are due by 12:00PM Friday to receive meals for the following Monday.  All reservations should be placed online.

All Meal Plans will be delivered on Sunday and Tuesday for 5 day plans, and on Sunday, Tuesday and Fridays for 7 day plans.

Hear From

Our Happy Customers

My favorite part of Fit Fresh is not having to think about what to eat or deal with preparing food. I love the variety and knowing that each week I am fueling my body with a wide range of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and new foods that keep me healthy and feeling my best."
Deb, Middleton
I have demanding work schedule and have tried many meal services. Hands down Fit Fresh is the best meal service with better quality food and prompt, friendly customer service. I highly recommend.
TJ, Madison
I was overwhelmed with the best approach to weight loss and found Fit Fresh. Within four months I've lost 60 pounds and feel great! I don't have a lot of time for long workouts so I started with walks and by adhering to the meal plan Monday-Friday. It works and I tried so many new foods.
Erin, Oregon
I'm a competitive tri-athlete and taking care of my nutrition is of top priority. With a demanding training schedule Fit Fresh was the solution to keep me on track. The performance plan gave me the macro balance I needed and Sarah is a specialist in sports nutrition so I knew I was in good hands. Sarah was available to help me maximize my meal plan and timing of intake so I could just heat and enjoy my meals on the go.
Peter, Madison
Fit Fresh has made my lunch break SO much more enjoyable! No more running around to find something to eat and having no time to eat it and no more attempting to pack something interesting for lunch. I just bring my meals and can take a minute to enjoy my mid-day break, it's the best.
Laura, Verona
I live alone and hate to cook for one. I don't want frozen food so I tried Fit Fresh and was presently surprised! I really enjoy the variety and the eco-friendly packaging. It's the perfect solution for me and I feel good about supporting local and eating well.
Patti, Waunakee
I was never a breakfast person until I ordered Fit Fresh. Now I look forward to the egg scrambles and gluten free high protein breakfast cakes. I especially love the protein whip!
Debra, Middleton
I had knee surgery and had to lose weight before surgery and then keep my weight down after surgery. I ordered Fit Fresh for two months and lost 25 pounds and maintained my weight loss. I felt good, enjoyed the food and rehabbed quickly from my surgery. The delivery driver was super friendly and made sure to place my meals in a specific spot that was easy for me to get to.
Jeri, Fitchburg
I have three teenagers and Fit Fresh has been the solution to stocking healthy ready to eat meals in our fridge. I feel assured they are eating high quality foods, trying new foods, and learning to eat a balanced diet.
Rachel, DeForest
My parents got my husband and I a month of meals when our son was born and it was a lifesaver! The flavorful meals were perfect for our sleepless schedule and helped us both get back into shape post baby. Fit fresh is a great gift idea and they have gift cards on their website so you can just send them electronically to the lucky recipient.
Marie, Verona

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