Frequently Asked Questions


When can I start a meal plan?

Meal plans initiate on Mondays and they complete on either Friday or a Sunday depending on whether you have signed up for a 5 or 7 day meal plan.

When can I start a cleanse?

Cleanses initiate on Mondays and they complete on a Sunday.  We do not offer cleanses on a week to week basis but rather selected dates throughout the month.  Please call us at 608-841-2233 to find out when our next cleanse is!

Where can I pick up my meals?

Meal Plan and Cleanse pick up is available at the following locations:


8066 Watts Rd
(608) 841-2233


2920 Hardrock Rd, Fitchburg, WI 53719
(608) 441-7000

1726 Eagan Rd
(608) 241-2639

When can I pick up my meals?

Meal Plan and Cleanse pick up times:


Sunday, Tuesday, Friday after 4:00PM. 

What days should I expect my delivery?

Meal Plan and Cleanse will be delivered on Sunday and Tuesday for 5 day plans, and on Sunday, Tuesday and Fridays for 7 day plans.

When do I have to sign up for the meal plan/cleanse?

Reservations are due by 12:00PM Friday to receive meals for the following Monday.  All reservations should be placed online.

Can I suspend my meal plan?

Yes, you can suspend for a minimum of one full week with a 7 business days lead.   To suspend you must fill out this online form. Your email will be confirmed upon receipt.  You can suspend for a maximum of 30 days.  All suspended days will be automatically added onto the end of the current meal plan.

Can I sign up for the meal plan now and start a later date?

Yes, promotions can be purchased within the period specified, and allow a thirty day initiation option.  Upon signing up you must designate a start date within the acceptable time frame of thirty days.

Do you do gluten free meal plans?

Although we recognize some individuals need a gluten free diet, the majority do not and therefore, our meal plan is not gluten free.   We do however offer gluten free items on our counter service menu at Fit Fresh Cuisine.  Further, our cleanse program is gluten free and a great option for those requiring a gluten free diet!

Do you accommodate allergies for the meal plan/cleanse?

Due to the diverse food production at the Fit Fresh Cuisine kitchens, we are unable to accommodate food allergies or no nut meal plans/cleanses.  We however can accommodate the protein restrictions as outlined in our contract.

Do you have a menu I can take with me?

At Fit Fresh Cuisine we take great pride in our creative, seasonal menus, and therefore we do not provide complete menus online.  We do have partial menus online however that provide great insight to the types of entrees we provide.  When you pick up your meal plan or cleanse, you will be provided a detailed printed menu for your reference.

How do I re-heat my meals?

Your meal plan and cleanse meals will come portioned and cooked to perfection for re-heating.  Because each microwave varies, we provide stove & oven re-heating directions on your printed menu.  You can however microwave any of the meals, just do so with care.

What days do I pick up my meal plan/cleanse and what time can I pick them up?

Our meal plan and cleanse are made with fresh ingredients requiring pickups as follows:


Sunday, Tuesday, Friday after 4:00PM. 

Can I transfer meal plan or cleanse programs?

Meal plan and cleanse programs are non-transferable.

What are the dates of the upcoming cleanses?

The cleanse is provided on a set schedule and dates are available on our web site and Facebook pages.

Can I suspend my cleanse?

The cleanse is a seven day program designed to be completed in its entirely.  Therefore you cannot suspend or engage in a partial cleanse.

What is the calorie breakdown of the meal plan?

We all know that each day is different, some days we may exercise more or less, be hungrier or not.  For such reasons, nutritionist evaluate one’s diet over a span of time, like a week, rather than what one eats in a given day.

A Fit Fresh Cuisine we focus on ensuring a healthy daily range of calories and that the macronutrient distribution of those calories, or the ratio of carbohydrate, fat and protein, is ideal for weight management, athletic performance, and promoting a lean body composition.

At Fit Fresh Cuisine we recognize various factors influence your diet from day to day.  We believe eating well is a dynamic process that should be looked at over a span of time and for these reasons we provide healthy, fresh meals within the following nutrition ranges.

We offer three calorie levels: Accelerated, Fitness and Performance.  The Accelerated calorie level ranges from 1200-1400 calories per day, the Fitness calorie level ranges between 1500-1700 calories per day, and the Performance between 2000-2200 calories per day.  Below is a table that breaks down the calories for each meal.


Calorie Level Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Accelerated 300-350 400-450 500-550
Fitness 400-450 500-550 500-600
Performance 550-650 650-700 650-700


Below is a table of the macronutrient breakdown for each day’s meal plan.


Macronutrient % of Daily Calories
Carbohydrates 45-50%
Lean Protein 25%
Healthy Fats 25-30%



Accelerated (1200-1400 Cal)

Macronutrient              Breakfast   Lunch         Dinner        Total

Carbohydrate               35-45g       45-55g       55-65g       135-165g

Lean Protein                 20-22g       25-28g       30-35g       75-85g

Healthy Fat                   8-12g         11-15g       14-18g       33-45g


Fitness (1500-1700 Cal)

Macronutrient              Breakfast   Lunch         Dinner        Total

Carbohydrate               45-55g       55-65g       60-75g       160-195g

Lean Protein                 25-28g       30-35g       30-37g       85-100g

Healthy Fat                   10-15g       14-18g       14-20g       38-53g


Performance (2000-2200 Cal)

Macronutrient              Breakfast   Lunch         Dinner        Total

Carbohydrate               55-80g       70-85g       70-90g       195-255g

Lean Protein                 30-40g       40-45g       40-45g       110-130g

Healthy Fat                   15-20g       18-23g       18-23g         51-66g

What is the calorie breakdown of the cleanse?

The cleanse is a low-calorie program designed to bring your body back to optimal function.  There are two calorie levels: Turbo 1100-1300 and Express 1300-1500.  We generally recommend that women participate on the Turbo option and men the Express.  However, depending on your activity level, health status, or personal preference you may select the plan best for you!  The macronutrient breakdown of the cleanse follows that of the meal plan.