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What is


Freshbyte Vending, makes getting a healthy meal — made locally — easier than ever. 24/7 access to wholesome fuel your body needs.

Freshbyte is the true and healthy option for hotels, healthcare facilities, airports, offices, schools, and universities – for clients that are always on-the-go.



How it Works

It requires no staffing, has a small foot print, and is the answer for affordable, delicious, food on the go. Smart markets make employees happy and save businesses money.

Better Food Options with


Fresh Byte accommodates a variety of dietary approaches and is allergen-friendly. Any food that is not purchased is donated to underserved communities.

Paleo patrons? YES!
Gluten-free flyers? CHECK!

Fresh Byte is the option for those on the go that want to eat healthy.

A healthy, vibrant, and sustainable community grows stronger when supported by companies with these similar values. We also know that when we work together, we all grow stronger.

Partnering with freshbyte vending makes access to delicious, nutritious meals, snacks, and beverages for your employees, guests, and patrons easier and more convenient than ever.

With regular deliveries that match your location’s needs, freshbyte customer support, and monthly reports on participation allowing you to evaluate the benefits of our service, healthy meals are just a call away.

Sarah Mattison Berndt
8066 Watts Rd
Madison, WI 53719

(608) 841-2233

Always Fresh. Always Open. Always easy.


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