Corporate Wellness


Fit Fresh Cuisine provides a unique opportunity for local businesses. We customize programs that provide a comprehensive approach to your team’s health and well being.  Some of our corporate offerings include:

  • Group Cleanse: jump start health with a week of our real food cleanse for everyone to enjoy.
  • Fit Bit Educational Classes: from sugar and heart health, to boosting your immunity, we have a variety of  nutrition lectures with helpful tips and tricks for a healthy lifestyle.  
  • Power Lunch: get a healthy and delicious lunch while you learn about a nutrition topic of choice!  


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We’ve offered the 7-Day Cleanse to our employees a few times and I hear nothing but great reviews from everyone. You feel so much better, the food is delicious, and many have reported significant weight loss in just 7 days! Wellness is very important to us and our employees really appreciate the opportunity that we offer to them….many have continued to buy meals on their own once the cleanse is done! And the best part….it’s EASY! No meal prep, everything is provided to you FRESH and ready to eat!

Megan McFadden – HR & Benefits Generalist- J.H. Findorff & Son Inc. 


We’ve participated in Fit Fresh’s Corporate Wellness Program and its meal plans and couldn’t be happier with our experience. From their great customer service to their delicious healthy meals made using local ingredients, Fit Fresh is a great partner for any organizations looking to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and for any individual interested in finding healthier options for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Anna Stern – Vice President, Tri-North Builders

Health and Fitness has always been a big part of my life and I contribute my success to having a healthy mind and body.  In January 2015 I challenged my staff to a 90 day wellness program and partnered with Ryan & Sarah at Hybrid Fitness. Together we established goals including nutrition, fitness and education to benefit the staff that was stressed and eating poorly during our busy seasons.
Sarah & Ryan did an excellent job of assessing needs and creating workouts that applied to all levels of health and fitness. My staff enjoyed the work outs and benefited from the nutrition education.  At the end of the 90 day challenge I had many employees who obtained their personal goals and bonded with other departmental staff.
With the past success of the program I have decided to start the “Part next 90 day challenge” Many new faces this time and a few of the past looking to take it to the next level!
To any employer that is considering a wellness program I would highly recommend Hybrid Fitness to be your first stop!
Invest in the health of your employees and receive huge dividends in performance and insurance costs.

Robert W. Hintz – GM, Vice President, Engelhart Motorsports