Success Stories


Combining the Fit Fresh Diet Mal Plan with exercise programs designed by the personal trainers at the Hybrid Athletic Club guarantee great weight loss results!


Chad Hodgson

Chad is a great example of what can be accomplished when one decides to put all of their energy in to reaching their fitness goals. Beginning in September of 2010, Chad spent twelve weeks going through intense training at Hybrid Athletic Club and eating a balanced diet with Fit Fresh Cuisine’s Meal Plan. In the beginning, Chad’s goal was to lose 30 pounds, which he surpassed in just two weeks. From that point on, he was a gym rat, working out twice a day and precisely followed our nutritional guidelines. In the end, he lost 115 pounds and was featured in the December 2011 issue of Men’s Health Magazine.
Just as impressive, Chad obtained his ACE training certification shortly after the completion of his weight loss accomplishment and is now a trainer at Hybrid Athletic Club. He has helped numerous individuals in our Biggest Loser program, and in the first group he trained, helped one individual join our 100 pound club. He is an inspiration to many and a great asset to Hybrid Athletic Club’s training staff.


Kate Lemon

I first started working out at Hybrid and eating at Fit Fresh in preparation for my spring wedding. I had been active all my life and even played a collegiate sport, but was having trouble losing that last 10lbs. Thanks to Fit Fresh and Hybrid, I lost that 10lbs and then some, and have never felt better! The combination of personal training and balanced nutrition made the process feel more like a team effort and less like a diet. The personal trainer I worked with was so encouraging, enthusiastic and made the workouts challenging and fun. All of the group classes are geared towards different abilities and the staff is professional and knowable.The Fit Fresh team is just as helpful and prepares healthy, tasty food that balances nutrients with flavor. I’ve done their meal plan, the cleanse and had them cater multiple events. All the food is very well presented, fresh and full of flavor. Sarah’s expertise and help with menu planning ensured all the catering events were perfect. The attention to detail and timeliness exceeded my expectations.Thanks to these great businesses, I have never felt healthier! I sleep better, have less stress and more energy. I will continue to keep Fit Fresh and Hybrid a part of my healthy lifestyle and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their overall health!